Registrations and Posters


Registration is free but required (max. 200 participants). Registration includes conference materials, conference booklet, coffee breaks, and a welcome cocktail reception for all participants. Participants are expected to book and pay their own accommodation, travel expenses, lunches and dinners. Please contact us for questions or further information.

Click here to access to the registration form.

Abstract submission

Call for abstracts is close. Click here to see the list of selected poster presenters.

Poster requirements

– Poster specifications: vertical or horizontal posters. There are no specific poster dimension guidelines, but note that our poster boards comfortably accommodate posters up to 80 cm wide x 110 cm high.

– The poster presentation should cover the material as cited in the abstract.

Poster recommendations (optional for students)

– Place the title of your poster prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your poster.

– Highlight the authors’ names and contact information in case the viewer is interested in more information.

– Prepare diagrams or charts legibly in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 2 meters.

– Paragraph and figure captions should be at least in a 24-point font (0.9 cm height) and headers at least in a 36-point font (1.2 cm height). Be creative by using different font sizes, styles, and colors.

– When working with graphs or charts, use different colors and textures/symbols for each line or bar. A Serif font (e.g., Times New Roman) is often easier for reading main text, and a non-Serif font (e.g., Arial or Helvetica) is more legible for headers and figure labels.

– Organize the presentation so it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory.

– Use squares, rectangles, circles, etc., to group similar ideas. Avoid cluttering your poster with too much text. Label different elements as I, II, III; or 1, 2, 3; or A, B, C; making it easier for a viewer to follow your display.

– Include the background of your research followed by methods, results and conclusions. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested audience.

– Please do not laminate your poster to ensure that it can be recycled.

– Consider to add your professional identifier (e.g. ORCID, LinkedIn,…) to your poster.

– Consider to include the conference logo on your poster.